You Don’t Want, or Need, to be a Server Admin

You just want your website to work and be available for your visitors, customers, employees—everyone. Life is far too short for you to need to know how to configure and manage servers.

As a website owner, with MODX Cloud you will:

  • Easily manage all your sites using an elegant dashboard
  • Get 7 day rolling of backups for every site
  • Be able to restore your site with a single click
  • Save money and keep safe with 1-click upgrades
  • Stay focused on your business and your site, not on hosting

Are you MODX developer or designer not just looking for hosting? Read on. You won’t believe what you can do with MODX Cloud.

One-click upgrades and backup restores
Derek Lanphier, Signet Interactive

MODX Cloud is the best. With fantastic support and plenty of room for flexibility, I can worry about my company and clients' work and not our hosting.”

Powerful Tools for MODX Site Builders

MODX Cloud is great hosting for live projects but why not start, develop and launch, all on the same platform?

Create a new Cloud from a Snapshot of a ready to go site

If you’re a MODX developer or designer, you can:

  • Save hours—or weeks—by reusing site Snapshots.
  • Ditch your local development and staging environments
  • Safely test upgrades or changes before pushing to production
  • Get help from team members or contractors on site projects
  • Forget about maintaining and debugging servers
  • Have full SSH access and available Sass and Compass
  • Of course, build, manage, and host your own sites.

We finally fired our traditional web host. For years, we burned countless hours maintaining not only numerous MODX sites but constantly attempting to maintain the host server instead of focusing on what we do best: design and code.

Moving to MODX Cloud gives us what we need: a dashboard to keep our deployed sites on the most recent version, a simple process for backing up and recovering, the ability to create starter Snapshots to bootstrap development in minutes, and a lean dev-to-deploy process between our cloud and our clients’.”

Jason Sonderman

It’s Still Fast, Easy Hosting for Normal Humans

First and foremost, MODX Cloud is built for hosting MODX websites. So, don’t be scared by all this talk of power tools and advanced development features. It is built for you.

The MODX Cloud Dashboard guides you through the simple tasks of managing your site without having to think about any geeky stuff. But, if you ever need help, you can access friendly support from within the Cloud Dashboard at any time.

Awesome Performance. Not for Everyone.

MODX Cloud is rock-solid MODX hosting with power-tools for developers, but it is not for every site.

MODX Cloud is a multi-tenant hosting platform created by the team behind and optimized for MODX. Each Cloud is its own isolated instance with its own dedicated resources.

The vast majority of websites will run perfectly well on MODX Cloud. However, there are websites that require much more than MODX Cloud or any multi-tenant host can provide.

A well designed, well cached and optimized site can handle a fair amount of traffic. And, if you know in advance of a potential traffic surge, we would be happy to add extra resources to your Cloud. This is exactly what we did for

At its peak, the website on Christmas Eve, was handling 2000 or more visitors on the site at any given time, serving 400+ pages a minute—the site never slowed and performance was perfect.

If you think your site will see thousands of visitors at all hours, requires significant resources, or high-availability, contact sales and we can discuss dedicated platform locations or other hosting options. We'd rather refer you to another reputable host than you be disappointed with MODX Cloud.

Start Your Free 21-day MODX Cloud Trial

Try MODX Cloud risk-free and fully functional for 21 days.

There's no credit card required, no long-term contract and you can cancel or change your plan at any time. Of course, you're welcome to to sign up today. You still get no long-term contract and you can cancel any time.

Studio For growing businesses or agencies that create amazing MODX sites for clients. $50/month Buy Now 25 GBFor Sites, Snapshots & Backups Custom Domains$5/month per siteFor up to 5 URLs, or up to 25 for $10/month per site. No Extra Cost for SSL SitesProvide your cert, we'll install it. Try It Free
For 21 Days
Pro For site owners with multiple sites or need SSL, or teams that need to collaborate. $25/month Buy Now 5 GBFor Sites, Snapshots & Backups Custom Domains$5/month per siteFor up to 5 URLs, or up to 25 for $10/month per site. $5/month for SSL SitesProvide your cert, we'll install it. Try It Free
For 21 Days
Basic For site owners with one or two small sites or those getting started with MODX. $10/month Buy Now 1 GBFor Sites, Snapshots & Backups Custom Domains$10/month per siteFor up to 5 URLs, or up to 25 for $15/month per site. Upgrade to Pro or higher for SSL. Try It Free
For 21 Days

Looking for enterprise plans or fully managed options? Contact sales for dedicated servers anywhere in the world, to inquire about our white label program and for Managed MODX Cloud solutions.

“MODX Cloud greatly simplifies and streamlines our development process by allowing us to easily create and manage new instances, with snapshots and backups playing a huge role. And our customers know they have a stable, secure platform with backup that’s easily restorable.”

Mark Macatee

Mark Macatee Power10 Solutions

“MODX Cloud is so well designed, it’s actually fun to work in. I no longer have to spend time doing tedious or mundane server and installation tasks. I focus on ideas, creating and delivering for my clients.”

Ben Davis

Ben Davis BD Creative

“The interface is gorgeous and understandable at a glance, and the ability to capture versions and spin up ready-made Clouds will allow me to manage my clients’ sites and my own webapps in ways I could have never done before.”

Aaron Ladage

Nerdy Bits for Those Who Need to Know

Some technical details about MODX Cloud for your IT department or your web developer.

You won’t to have to worry about these technical details once you start using MODX Cloud, but we also understand that you need to make informed decisions, and that you’re sometimes not the only one involved in the decision. So, here are some key technical details to help you know what you’re getting in MODX Cloud.

Server Software

  • Latest Nginx web server
  • Latest PHP 5.4 (FPM/FastCGI) with APC, optimized for MODX
  • Latest Percona (MySQL) DB tuned for maximum performance


  • SoftLayer’s Global Network
  • Isolated Cloud instances
  • 512MB memory per Cloud instance
  • 24- and 32-core Intel Xeon processors
  • 32GB RAM per server


  • We’re MODX experts
  • Free unlimited ticket support for Clouds
  • 99.9% guaranteed platform availability
  • Available consulting, development solutions.