Why choose MODX Cloud for my websites?

Awesome Performance. Amazing Tools. For Everyone.

Say goodbye to hosts who are clueless about the software that runs your sites. Imagine a hosting company that truly gets you, knows your software, and keeps your best interests in mind. That’s MODX Cloud.

Rock-solid hosting. A dashboard anyone can use. Power tools that make proper content staging workflows accessible to all, like Promote Snapshots for MODX Revolution. (You may not realize you need this, yet, but you do!)

At its peak on Christmas Eve, the website was handling 2000 or more visitors on the site at any given time, serving 400+ pages a minute—the site never slowed and performance was perfect.

Criag Flood

Architected for Performance. Options to Scale.

Our optimized multi-tenant MODX Cloud instances are perfect for most sites. You’ll probably be shocked by how much traffic they can handle. Every Cloud is an isolated instance with dedicated resources, running the latest, highly-tuned server software stack, in your choice of locations: London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Texas (more on the way).

If you need to handle increased loads, our performance and scaling Add-ons give you extra headroom. If you need even more, we can build a tailored solution for you, including multi-data-center, high-availability environments.

Get Started with MODX Cloud in Seconds

There’s no long-term contract and you can cancel or change your plan at any time. It’s an amazing platform for people like you that need elegant, intuitive tools to help you create and maintain modern websites.

Premium $249/mo Buy Now 500 GB Total Storage Custom Domains$5/month per site Cloud Add-ons More power starts at $5/month Vault Upgrades Additional storage on demand Private Servers Available for critical projects Custom Workflow Tailor staging to your site Pay by Check available Plus Priority Support Start Now
Business $99/mo Buy Now 150 GB Total Storage Custom Domains$5/month per site Cloud Add-ons More power starts at $5/month Vault Upgrades Additional storage on demand Private Servers Available for critical projects Custom Workflow Tailor staging to your site Start Now
Studio $49/mo Buy Now 65 GB Total Storage Custom Domains$5/month per site Cloud Add-ons More power starts at $5/month Vault Upgrades Additional storage on demand Start Now
Pro $19/mo Buy Now 10 GB Total Storage Custom Domains$5/month per site Cloud Add-ons More power starts at $5/month Start Now
Basic $9/mo Buy Now 5 GB Total Storage Custom Domains$10/month per site Start Now

MODX Cloud is not a traditional reseller host with “unlimited” everything. Your monthly cost is based on two factors:

  1. The number of production Clouds with custom domains. You can have as many development/testing/staging Clouds as will fit in your allotted storage without custom domains, which brings us to …
  2. The amount of storage, which depends on the number of projects and backups. Larger plans also have additional features available that some customers find invaluable.

Looking for servers in your country, fully managed hosting, education or non-profit discounts, or redundant failover environments? Let’s talk about your needs.

How MODX Cloud Stacks Up

MODX Cloud gives you peace of mind knowing your site runs on optimized, secured and maintained infrastructure.

Never worry about maintaining infrastructure or missing critical updates again. Unlike mainstream Cloud infrastructure providers and most traditional hosts, this is done for you automatically. You never have to ask.

  MODX Cloud Cloud or Internal Infrastructure Most Traditional Hosts
Optimized Server Stack Tuned for MODX Yes Configuration Required No
Tuned nginx and Percona for Performance Yes Configuration Required No
Locked Down and Hardened Security Yes Configuration Required No
Guaranteed Resource Allocation Yes Yes No
Stays Abreast of Latest Stable Server Stack Yes Configuration Required Slowly or None
Proactive Platform Security Patches Yes No Slowly or None
Automatic Offsite 7-day Rolling Backups Yes No No
Restore Backups without Calling Support Yes No No
1-click MODX Upgrades Yes No No
MODX Snapshots Yes No No
Two-factor Authentication Available for Dashboard Yes Some No
Build in Multiple Locations with One Subscription Yes No No
Built and Supported by the MODX Team Yes No No
MODX-focused Server Dashboard Yes No No
Available MODX Application Support & Monitoring Yes No No
Commodity Pricing No No Yes
Based on cPanel or Plesk No No Yes

We finally fired our traditional web host. For years, we burned countless hours maintaining not only numerous MODX sites but constantly attempting to maintain the host server instead of focusing on what we do best: design and code.

Moving to MODX Cloud gives us what we need: a dashboard to keep our deployed sites on the most recent version, a simple process for backing up and recovering, the ability to create starter Snapshots to bootstrap development in minutes, and a lean dev-to-deploy process between our cloud and our clients’.”

Jason Sonderman

You Don’t Want, or Need, to be a Server Admin

You want your sites to be available all the time, and to have a safety net just in case.

MODX Cloud helps simplify owning websites:

  • Easily manage all your sites using an elegant dashboard
  • Complete 1- to 30-day rolling backups for all your projects
  • Restore sites in a few clicks, without opening a support ticket
  • Save time, and stay secure, with upgrades in a few clicks
  • Stay focused on your business and your site, not on hosting

Are you MODX developer or designer not just looking for hosting? Read on. You won’t believe what you can do with MODX Cloud.

One-click upgrades and backup restores
Derek Lanphier, Signet Interactive

MODX Cloud is the best. With fantastic support and plenty of room for flexibility, I can worry about my company and clients' work and not our hosting.”

Powerful Tools for Modern Site Builders

Build, launch and maintain all your web projects, all in MODX Cloud. The power tools you need with none of the cruft.

Create a new Cloud from a Snapshot of a ready to go site

Save time with the tools you need to create amazing websites:

  • Save time reusing and sharing MODX Revolution Snapshots
  • Stop maintaining local development and staging environments
  • Serve sites faster, securely and improve SEO with SSL + SPDY
  • Safely test upgrades and changes before pushing to production
  • Collaborate with colleagues on large or critical projects
  • Use SSH, Node.js, Sass and Compass Watch, and more
  • Of course, build, manage, and host your own sites

It’s Fast, Secure, Easy Hosting for Normal Humans

MODX Cloud is perfect for modern websites. You don’t need to be a command line expert or git guru to use its powerful tools.

Our Dashboard helps you manage your projects without worrying about the geeky underpinnings. Even seasoned server admins appreciate its power and elegance; unlike most control panels, it doesn’t overwhelm you with multitudes of options. If you ever need help, you can always reach our friendly support team from within our dashboard, any time.

“MODX Cloud is so well designed, it’s actually fun to work in. I no longer have to spend time doing tedious or mundane server and installation tasks. I focus on ideas, creating and delivering for my clients.”

Ben Davis

Ben Davis BD Creative

“The Cloud experience is a breeze compared to the manual processes I’ve laboured with so much at times in the past. So far, I’ve found the platform’s performance to be good, and it’s such a relief to have the heavy MODX lifting done for me. It just works.”

Mark Stoneman

Mark StonemanEasy Street Asia

“The interface is gorgeous and understandable at a glance, and the ability to capture versions and spin up ready-made Clouds will allow me to manage my clients’ sites and my own webapps in ways I could have never done before.”

Aaron Ladage

“In the short time I have been building websites on MODX Cloud, I have been won over by how it allows me to spend more time doing what I love—designing—and less time fiddling with version updates and setting up local dev sites. The 1-click updates are wonderful, but even better is the ability to effortlessly spin up site clones to test new designs without disturbing the working site.”

Lucy Iannotti

Lucy Iannotti Following Sea

“I switched to MODX Cloud for hosting from my previous hosting provider and the service has been excellent. Even before I signed up the support team were on hand to help import the site using their import tool which worked like magic. The hosting is fast and the administration interface is really nice.

Keeping up with software patches used to take me a couple of hours each time and rarely went smoothly, but now on MODX Cloud upgrades are a single button click so I’ve no excuse to keep up to date.

I thoroughly recommend MODX Cloud to anyone who needs to maintain a MODX site but doesn’t want the hassle of applying patches manually, every time a security flaw is fixed.”

Aaron Fiig

Aaron Figg Solentim Ltd

Nerdy Bits for Those Who Need to Know

Some technical details about MODX Cloud for your IT department or your web developer.

You won’t to have to worry about these technical details once you start using MODX Cloud, but we also understand that you need to make informed decisions, and that you’re sometimes not the only one involved in the decision. So, here are some key technical details to help you know what you’re getting in MODX Cloud.

Server Software

  • Latest Nginx web server
  • Latest PHP 7.1 (FPM/FastCGI) optimized for MODX
  • Latest Percona (MySQL) DB tuned for maximum performance
  • Node.js, Sass, Compass and more

Hardware Platforms

  • IBM Cloud's Global Network
  • Isolated Cloud instances
  • Redundant Public/Private Networks
  • Reboot-less Kernel Updates
  • High Performance RAID drives


  • Free unlimited ticket support for Clouds
  • 99.99% guaranteed platform availability
  • Available consulting, development solutions
  • We’re MODX experts