The Fastest Way to Develop, Host & Maintain Your MODX Websites

Get the most from your websites on the only platform 100% optimized for MODX, by the team that created MODX.

Build and Repeat

Save time. Launch a project from a favorite pre-configured Snapshot with your MODX Extras already in place.

Quickly Test Upgrades

Stop worrying your site will break when you upgrade. Snapshot a copy, test on a development clone and then push it live … exactly as it should be done.

Easily Migrate Sites

Move sites without calling the server geeks, exporting databases, transferring files, changing configs or running setup.

Multiple Clouds to be used as starter sites
Testing one click upgrades
MODX Cloud UI to create from Snapshots See Comparison

MODX Cloud vs Typical Process to Move Site

MODX Cloud cPanel Environment
Take snapshot of dev site SSH into dev box
Create/import snapshot into production Cloud Change to correct directory
Go back to creating new things Zip files
  Log in to cPanel
  Export & save MySQL database
  wget/curl files from dev
  Unzip Files
  Change permissions if needed
  Log in to cPanel
  Create MySQL database
  Import database
  Create MySQL user
  Assign user proper permissions to database
  Update config file
  Run setup to adjust all paths
  Test site

Support, Speed & Reliability that You Need

Fast & Robust

  • Powered by Nginx web server
  • The latest PHP 5.4 with APC and suhosin optimized for MODX
  • The latest Percona DB tuned for maximum performance

World-class Infrastructure

  • SoftLayer’s Global Network
  • Locked down sandboxed accounts
  • 512MB memory per Cloud instance
  • 24- and 32-core Intel Xeon processors
  • 32GB RAM per server

Support That's There For You

  • We're MODX experts
  • Free unlimited ticket support for Clouds
  • 99.9% guaranteed platform availability

Backups Done Right

  • 7-day Rolling Automatic Backups to Your Vault
  • Both Dev and Live Sites Backed Up
  • Access to Restore from Your Dashboard 24/7

A solid backup plan is a necessity of running a website. With MODX Cloud, per-cloud backups happen daily by default. With a few easy steps you can restore a cloud at any time.

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Collaboration Workspace, One Login

Manage and share multiple accounts with a single login

From a single MODX Cloud login, both developers and site owners can connect their accounts to share their work, or even support development inside another members' account.

Host All Your MODX Revolution Sites in One Place

Take full advantage of MODX Cloud's benefits by importing all the MODX sites you currently manage. With a few simple steps, you can create your own MODX universe!

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