Cloud Upgrades

Increase scaling and capacity for individual MODX Cloud projects.

Account Owners and Managers can purchase upgrades for individual Cloud instances from each individual Cloud detail page in their MODX Cloud Dashboard.

Essential Managed Security

$149 a Month per Cloud

Essential Managed Security adds significantly enhanced security protection and a no-hack warranty to any website in MODX Cloud.

If you're looking to keep your site and customers safe from hackers and bad actors, Essential Managed Security puts all the right pieces in place for a safe, secure website.

Here’s what Essential Managed Security adds to your standard MODX Cloud Plan:

  • Advance Threat Awareness & Proactive Security Protection – Because we lead the core security for MODX software, we get early access to information to stay ahead of automated attack tools. When security updates are released for the version of MODX powering your site, we will automatically patch or upgrade your site.
  • DDoS, WAF & CDN – Our security coverage starts before traffic ever hits your web site. Layer 7 DDoS mitigation stops malicious traffic floods, a Web Application Firewall blocks bad bots and known bad actors, and a Content Delivery Network offloads large or static assets, making your site faster. It's great for SEO, too.
  • 24/7/365 Individual Site Monitoring with Alerts – We monitor your website to ensure it remains online and trouble-free. If there is an issue with your site, our support team will be notified and will either take corrective action or notify you of the issue.
  • Priority Support – Your support requests go to the front of the line. Whether you have a question on how to solve a requirement, or need help fixing something that is not working as expected, count on getting the attention you need first.
  • No-Hack Warranty – No site is impervious to compromise. Your site is protected well in MODX Cloud, but if we find it's been breached, we will get it cleaned and back in working order. At no extra cost.

Download the Essential Managed Security data sheet to learn more.

Speed up sites, lock down security, and sustain high traffic loads.



Visitors feel more confident when using SSL sites when submitting data, and for verifying site ownership. Technologies like SPDY and HTTP/2 even improve performance over over non-SSL connections, for that matter. There is little reason to not have SSL on your site; read how to implement SSL (HTTPS) on your site in MODX Cloud.

Web Application Firewall

$20/Cloud per Month

Coming soon: Add an additional layer of security to your website to protect it from hackers, especially if your project includes WordPress. Add our Managed Web Application Firewall powered by Sucuri to your Clouds to add an additional layer of protection from malicious visitors to help prevent their using known exploits and scripted site attacks.

Additional Workers

$10/Cloud per Month

Does your site need to handle more site visitors or perform heavy workloads? Double its processor allocation by adding additional PHP Workers, which transforms an already-capable solution into a more robust platform. Need even more for large applications? Ask us about Private Servers.

Manager Workers

$5/Cloud per Month

If your site sees traffic spikes or is frequently updated, you can dedicate a worker pool specifically for the MODX Manager. This ensures that even when your site is busy, you can update its content without worrying about impacting front-end performance and visitor experience.

Tools to help create and maintain your projects in MODX Cloud.



Some developers and site owners need to directly access their database for things such as exporting or importing data, or creating custom tables. phpMyAdmin is available in MODX Cloud to add to any Cloud from the Cloud Edit View. Learn more about phpMyAdmin in MODX Cloud.



For front-end developers and web designers, preprocessing CSS has become an invaluable part of their workflow. More and more people develop sites in MODX Cloud and the tools available there should match the tools you need. Compass/Sass in MODX Cloud allows you to create and manage the CSS for your sites much more efficiently.



Node.js provides web developers a JavaScript engine that runs on the server. Front-end developers use it for using tools such as Grunt, Gulp, Bower and more. Add Node.js to your Cloud and install packages using npm via SSH.

Account Upgrades

Additional capacity for all your projects in MODX Cloud.

You can buy account upgrades on the account details page inside the MODX Cloud Dashboard.

Managed CDN

Starting at $20/Month

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) improve site performance and visitor experience by offloading the serving of assets that infrequently change like images, CSS and JavaScript. MODX Cloud’s Managed CDN applies to your entire account, and we handle configuration for your MODX sites.

Transfer Example Use Case Monthly
200 GB Moderate traffic marketing websites $20
800 GB Multiple websites or growing traffic $60
2 TB Asset heavy or many websites $150
5 TB High traffic or heavy scaling $350

Additional Storage

Starting at $10/Month

If you are subscribed to the Pro Plan or higher, and your account uses more storage than your MODX Cloud plan limit, you can purchase additional storage for automatic offsite Backups, Snapshots, and your site assets. Need customized storage options? Ask us about Private Servers.

Additional Plan Storage Monthly
25 GB $10
100 GB $25
250 GB $50
500 GB $75
1 TB $200