Basic $10/month Start Now For small projects, freelancers and people starting out with MODX. 1 GB Vault Storage
Unlimited Projects
Multi-tenant Servers TX & AMS Data Centers $10/month Custom Domains
Pro $25/month Start Now For advanced freelancers and teams that need to collaborate on projects. 5 GB Vault Storage
Unlimited Projects
Multi-tenant Servers TX & AMS Data Centers $5/month Custom Domains $10/month for SSL Sites
Studio $50/month Start Now For growing businesses who rely on MODX to create amazing sites for clients. 25 GB Vault Storage
Unlimited Projects
Multi-tenant Servers TX & AMS Data Centers $5/month Custom Domains $5/month for SSL Sites White Label URL coming soon Try It Free For 21 Days
Agency $200/month Start Now For digital agencies and marketers with significant MODX investments. 100 GB Vault Storage
Unlimited Projects
Multi-tenant Servers TX & AMS Data Centers $5/month Custom Domains No Extra Cost for SSL Sites White Label URL coming soon
Enterprise $500/month and up Contact Sales For enterprise organizations with large scaling, traffic or custom requirements. Custom Vault Storage
Unlimited Projects
Dedicated Infrastructure Anywhere in the World Unlimited Custom Domains Included SSL Sites Included White Label URL

Standard Features

With MODX Cloud there's no need configuring servers with MODX software, no worrying about staying up to date with the latest PHP version, or tuning Databases hoping for better performance. MODX Cloud let's you build better and faster than ever before.

  • Host Anywhere
    Use MODX Cloud to create and maintain sites, and export them when you're done. Or you can host projects in MODX Cloud by simply purchasing custom domain names. We have data centers in the US and Europe, and can work with Enterprise plans almost anywhere.
  • Automatic Backups
    Stop worrying! We automatically keep a rolling 7-day backup of your site You can access it, and restore your site anytime, without having to open a ticket with support.
  • Free SSL Testing
    Test sites that will be served securely over https for the plans that support SSL sites. Just point your browser to the https version of the internal cloud names at *
  • Optimized Infrastructure
    MODX Cloud uses the latest stable versions of Nginx web server and PHP, along with Percona DB for the ultimate in performance and security. Each account can use SSH and SFTP, Git and PHP from the command line, and crontab for recurring scheduled PHP or shell commands.

Meet Our Secret Sauce—Snapshots, Vapor & Vault

Need a quick way to start another project, or want to save a site template for later use? Use Snapshots to jumpstart, clone and move entire sites or specific elements and content of a project in a snap.

  • Stage & Launch with Snapshots
    Need to share a site you are developing for a customer so they can sign-off ahead of launch? Use the Snapshot feature to create a staging site, and when they are ready, Snapshot this into a live production site.
  • Import Websites with Vapor
    Want to manage all your development and production sites in one place? Why not import your existing MODX Revolution sites with our Vapor technology. With a few simple steps, you can create your own MODX universe!
  • Vault Storage
    The Vault is where your local filesystem, Backups and Snapshots reside. Accessible 24/7 from the MODX Cloud Dashboard, Snapshots and Backups are safe and secure on redundant disks at an offsite location.

Other Ways MODX Cloud Makes You Productive

Whether you need to collaborate with others or perform routine maintenance, MODX Cloud has you covered.

  • The Marketplace
    Start a project from fully configured, public Snapshots of sites that are vetted and that make child's play of the often tedious configuration steps.
  • Collaborate with Others
    Prefer not to host your client sites, but still want easy access to them? Connect your account with your customers’ MODX Cloud accounts to collaborate on projects, and provide ad hoc support.
  • 1-Click Upgrades
    Want to upgrade your website but worry the site will go down? Snapshot the site into a Development Cloud, press upgrade, fix any problems and then Snapshot back into production.
  • Compass & Sass at your Service
    MODX's creative freedom means it's a dream for front-end developers. Now you can use Sass and Compass on any project without having to install anything locally.
  • Database Management Tools
    Need to manage the site database? We give you phpMyAdmin and MySQL CLI for all your sites.
  • Inter-Account Cloud Transfers
    Ever like to share your work? Build a website and send it to another MODX Cloud account holder in a few clicks.

It's Easy Doing Business with MODX

Whether you're looking for outstanding support, ease of paying any way you want and getting your info to your accountant with ease, or updating your account whenever you wish, we want every experience you have to be a great one.

  • No Long Term Contracts
    We offer monthly, quarterly (12 months for the price of 11) and annual (12 months for the price of 10) payment options. In the event you want to cancel your subscription, you can export your sites and migrate them to another provider.
  • Multiple Payment Options
    In addition to credit cards, you can pay via Paypal, Dwolla, and soon, Bitcoin. Need another way to pay? Let us know and we'll see if we can make it happen.
  • Upgrading is Easy
    If you need to change plans—and that includes downgrading, too—it's easy to do inside your Dashboard. If you need extras like SSL, custom domain names, or soon, additional Vault space, those are likewise a few clicks away.
  • Stellar Support
    We offer a 99.9% platform uptime guarantee for your sites running in MODX Cloud, and our support staff are MODX and web development professionals. We're here to make sure you have an amazing experience in MODX Cloud.